Oakland Symphony Chorus

Oakland Symphony Chorus

Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 18, 2017 Rehearsal - part 1

Bruckner Te Deum

Began by working the chorus through two of the three sections we were to memorize, first the one on p. 13 (mvt. 1) and later the one on p. 30 (mvt. 4).  She ran each section several times, using about a third of the chorus each time.

Worked Allegro of mvt. 4 (rehearsal T) and forward to the end, including the second memorized section.  (at 20 min.)

Worked end of mvt. 1 beginning page 12, which includes the first memorized section. (at 35 min.)

Worked the fugue (p. 33, mvt. 5).  (at 45 min.)

Filesize:  60.7 MB

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