Oakland Symphony Chorus

Oakland Symphony Chorus

Friday, November 4, 2016

November 2, 2016 Rehearsal - part 1

Tiffany assigned seats for the evening.  This order may or may not be used in performance.  

I regret that it's impossible to remove the building alarm from the recording.

Break Bread Music
Ran both pieces to establish how we're doing.
Medley: Lean on Me/ Everyday People/ People Make the World Go Round. (at 8 minutes)
Soulful Hallelujah (at 20 minutes) Tap rhythm or use metronome while working this.
Ran two nigunim (remember the retreat?) (at 36 min.):  Oz V'hadar/Ivdu, Libi Uvesari

Nov. 12 Music
Ran the short pieces, with some work:
Gershwin (at 46 min.), Rumbamban (at 1 hr. 12 min.), Sure, on this Shining Night (at 1 hr. 21 min.).

Filesize:  76.2 MB

Click the link below to listen to the recording.  To download a copy, right-click the link and select "save as.."